Why are coding languages necessary?

Coding languages are necessary so that we can communicate with a computer or any electronic. If there were no coding languages, most of the phones and computers would all worl and look the same, if they worked at all. To understand this in more depth, we need to understand what coding languages are, and why we have so many of them!

What are coding languages?

Coding languages are different formats that use different symbols for coding. Some examples of these coding languages are located on the 'What are the most widely used coding languages and what are they used for?
Go here to go to the page explaining the different coding languages, and what they do, ranked in popularity
A coding language is essentially a 'language' in which we can communicate what we want to do to computers, and express and write down our ideas, creating amazing projects.

Why are there so many coding languages?

Since different coding languages can accomplish different things, to understand why we use and need so many different coding languages, imagine each coding language as a tool, and you use different tools for different purposes. Some coding languages are good for building websites, wheras others are good for building apps, and others are simplified so that they are easier for beginners- but they cannot accomplish as many things.

So, why do we need any coding language in the first place?

If there were no coding languages, we wouldn't be able to control what our computer does, and we wouldn't be able to communicate to the computers* in our society telling them what to do when we need them to do something. *Click on the word computers to find out more about computers

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By Emma Gill