What in Binary code and how does it work?

Binary code is a code that makes up everything that you see on a computer.
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What is binary code? How does binary code work?

Binary code is a code made up of combinations of 1's and 0's- which represent on (1) and off (0) To us, it is very hard to understand computer codes, such as binary code. For example the letter 'A' to us seems simple, however our symbol for 'A' is hard for computers to understand. In binaryy code, the letter 'A' is representated by the number sequence '01'. Binary code also represents numbers.
Here, a table shows how to find out how to write a number with binary code.
Binary code table 1-31
To understand binary code more, you can try to write the current date with binary code. For example, the binary code date for the 1st of janurary would be 01/01 because it is the first of the first. However, for the 31st of december the binary code date would be 11111/1100.

What about letters?
Letters are all assigned a number, and the numbers are represented like the numbers above. For example,

Please watch this short video if you would like to understand more about binary code :)

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