Components of computers

There are many componennts of computers that all work together to do the simplest of tasks. If you scroll down and up again on your page now, you are witnessing your computer going through hundreds of requests in only a few seconds. How do computers do that so quickley?
It is to do with the many parts of a computer. the basic parts include However, other than these four elements, there is alot more to computers.

It all starts when you use your computer- say you are watching a video. Many messages are being sent through the CPU to then moniter to tell you computer screen what to show on the screen. This works alongside a memory- which remembers what is happening, what will happen if you press a button, what colour everything is etc.
Say that then, you finished watching your video and decided that you wanted to watch something else. You would move your mouse to the search bar. By doing this you are sending a message from the mouse to the CPU telling it where the mouse is moving. This is measured by the motion sensors in the mouse. The CPU will then go to the memory, 'asking' what type of mouse the mouse should turn to. For example, when you click on the searchbar your mouse turns to a straighter line, rather than the classic triangular shape. After the CPU 'sends' this to the memory, the memory will 'send' it back, letting the CPU know what to do. The CPU will then send this message to the moniter or screen. But, all of this happens in less than a second when you move your mouse. You can every try now on this website. Move your curser or mouse on and off the text and you will see how it changes- however usually when you do this you don's realise how much is going on behind the computer.
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By Emma Gill