What is electromagnetism?

Electromagnetism is defined as, "a fundamental interaction between the magnetic field and the presence and motion of an electric charge." By Electromagnetism.credit.page
Electromagnetism helps to hold matter together. It can also be used to describe how a magnetic field is created through an electric current. Electromagnetism can also be used for induction. Induction is the opposite to what we saw in the video. In the video, electricty is used to create movement (the paper clips being attracted by to the nail because of the electromagnet). However, electromagnetism induction refers to when movement is used to create electricity. An example given by Reference.link is, As a wire moves throufh a magnetic feild, an electrical current will flow through the wire.

Electromagnetic waves

Electricity or electromagnetic waves flow through many things. When a wire has a current flowing through it, the wire is surrrounded by a rotating magnetic field. To find out which way the magnetic field is rotating, you can imagine lining up your right hand thumb with the wire, and then wrapping your fingers around the remaining part of the wire. This is known as the right hand rule.

Common uses for electromagnetism

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By Emma Gill